Flurries Beagles
Flurries Beagles are a small kennel of show beagles owned and cared for by Kathleen Parkin. They have strong links to Jean & Wal Westren’s Deanery line.

It all started in 1988 when Flurry, my maiden bitch, a Deanery Dusty Miller daughter, was mated with Jean & Wal’s Deanery Draper. She produced 7 puppies, one of which was Flurries Footstep who became my 1st show dog.

Over the years I have bred the occasional litter when I have been able to keep a puppy for showing. They include Hazelnut Hoyden 1992 (Ch Sabinhay Outlaw x Flurries Footstep), Hazelwych Hylton 1995, Hazelwych Hamlet & Nuthatcher Hannah 1996 (Hazelnut Hoyden x Deanery Blazer), Flurries Acorn & Flurries Adam 2000 (Nuthatcher Hannah x Ch Newlin Yorker), Flurries Brigand (Brigsy) & Flurries Bramble 2003 (Flurries Acorn x Cliffmere Pirate).

I currently live with Bramble and Molesend Adrift (Drift). Drift has kindly been loaned, to me on a long term basis, by Sam Goldberg as Bramble could not cope with being an ‘only Beagle’ when Podge died in June and Brigsy in September 2013.

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